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  • Hi all, I've fallen out of my interest in battling, so I won't be on here very much, if ever again. If you want to contact me, my YouTube page is the best way to do so. You could also go to link in my Contact Info page, but I'm not readily identifiable. Just let them know you're from Smogon and I'll identify myself.
    I'm of the opinion that question marks look rather obnoxious by themselves, however
    You're now officially moved down to probation which at least now enables you to have a trade topic.
    I dont play much pokemon anymore so youre wrong about that i just like to get stolen from I am also not a samurai and I just told the mods that I thought they where good mods but I dont find them good at all
    I could be wrong but in your post I see nothing that you could meant to help me and who says I dont work? that is a conclusion you cant make and who says I dopnt take care of myself I stil live with my parents but you had no way of knowing that so next time you sai things dont tell lies or use things that you know nothing off
    People are calling you the bad guy because you're acting like an idiot. You did what you could do when you first posted about him. After that, it is no longer in your hands. If you don't want to be the bad guy, stop being an arse and listen to what other people told you. It's not what you said, it's how you said it. You didn't listen to people trying to help you, you've done this before with eppire, and then you insulted a mod. You won't get anywhere making enemies.

    I dont care if I have enemies or not I already saw that stealing is allowed here since 2 people got away with it and after posting I stil have the right to defend myself that guy is just lying but he is believed and I am not so next time I take revenge my own way even though I may need to break the rules myself the mods aren't helping me so then I have to do it myself
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