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  • yeah, paralyzed me twice in a row. xD my ludicolo.

    good game. if I hadn't stalled until trick room faded, i would have died since kyogre was faster than everyone. that zapdos is crazy btw. lol
    haha yeah. Btw last night I came up with a great new strategy. If I finish training some pokes today I'll give you a message so you can check it out. :]
    Whoops. I didn't save the right video. I saved the one we had before that one. Though I haven't uploaded that one yet.

    I wanted that video of you using Zap/Groudon. That combo was epic.
    yeah Cress has ridiculous SpDef and Def stats. Its a bulk machine, and in VGC, if you can pull off a calm mind sweep with it (not too hard if the opponent can't counter it), you're golden.

    Ah yeah. Groudon/Zapdos is really good. I want to test out Lugia/Groudon later. haha
    aww you killed meta on the explosion. xDDD

    and gg. darn crits got me. I accurately predicted too, if not for the discharge. ;P
    haha okay. yeah I didn't know if exploding that second turn after the protect was a good idea. So I had to wait. XD

    I'll be on too. :]
    yeh I messed up twice too. my metagross and ludi aren't holding their items. :/ just got them out of training.
    It's okay. Do you mind if I switch around my team? You can too, I just want to try something different with the pokemon I'm using (changing leads).
    You too. :]

    I really want to integrate a Lugia strategy into a team set-up but can't think of any. I can only imagine Groudon would go great with Lugia, but they both die to ice/kyogre.
    Also I just finished attaining and training all the legit Pokemon for the team I'm gonna use. So it'll be nice to put them into action. =)
    I don't really have the team I wanted to use. So far the only pokemon I have are the ones I've been using for the past week or so. I don't want to keep using the same team. lol gotta try new stuff too, y'know?

    Unless you're fine with it. idk
    Darn. I can't get the Pokemon to my game to use. Oh well. lol I may have to take you up on the offer later when I finish training these Pokemon in my SoulSilver. :]
    Alright. I'll definitely VGC with you. :] I was gonna finish making this new team style first. I'll message you in a bit.
    Not really sorry =( I have to go to bed soon plus I busy helping with giveaways. definantly tomorrow!
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