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  • Really? Hook me up bro! XD
    Oh and you need to download Pokesav or Pokegen(but you need to know what version was his .sav came from) and load the .sav file!
    If you don't use flash cart, you can export PKM file from the .sav file and send it to you through GTS(google for the tutorial), but it only works for 4th gen games.
    Does the .sav contains bunch of IV'd Pokemon? :'D
    And what were you trying to do with .sav file?
    Game's pretty easy until you get to Elite 4.
    Well, Elite 4 is easy if you're well leveled but I was around 40 or less so I had to spend lot of money buying Hyper Potion and stuff.
    Btw, what were you talking about with Tombstoner? acetrainers's savefile?
    You too? I'm pretty sure my sister picked Snivy in her Pokemon Black(NA) too.
    I didn't nicknamed any of the Pokemon yet...
    To tell you the truth, I don't know if I'll nickname any Pokemon.
    I generally don't like nicknaming Pokemon. /=
    I sort of stopped playing Pokemon myself for few month.
    My life's been good and everything's going great!
    How's your life?
    Welcome back Larry! I missed you so much man!
    Yeah, I'm doing pretty good and things are going great! ^^
    How have you been? It's really good to see you and Ricky again!
    (Ricky was gone month after you left and came back week ago)
    If you can't get to me then here are some distributors

    - x T x
    I'm so sorry, but i'm very busy right now... people asking me favors... and watching over a chatbox. Maybe late tonight? I promise.
    haha actually bud! I just made that post for lolz. I couldn't help myself from posting an "I can has" post lol.
    Hey if you are still up for it, I can trade you the dogs if you can clone me a copy back of each along with the originals. is that okay?
    there's PLENTY of UU's out there. ;)

    don't forget you can use NU and NFE (except for a few exceptions) pokemon in UU!
    what i meant was, if the Sucker Punch had KO'd Arc, like it came close to doing, i would have won. we're basically saying the same thing. ;)
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