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  • okay NN'd putting your FC in my Soul Silver (where they are now) see me on with THAT FC plz.
    Still trading. Actually. I'll go ahead and take care of the NNing myself with a new clone. I'll need to re-NN mine anyway ("Wallmaster" HECK YES!!) so I'll just trade over a new copy to my SS and NN it then trade with you from THERE. Got it? It'll be a minute though.
    Oh yeah, and just post here when you're done trading with those other guys, so I don't have to keep asking "Are you done yet? Are you done yet?"
    Nobody wants that.
    Oh, you CAN trust me though it'll pass ANY TPCi hackcheck, no problemo.
    Oh, yeah I can do that but I'm trading with a few other people so it'll have to be a minute.
    OOOOH no it's off my English Cart. I NN'd it, then sent it to be trained, then "un-NN'd" it to give a copy to the guy who trained it. Didn't realized it was supposed to be in all caps. Sorry. Thanks for catching that.
    Was the Giratina originally Japanese or something? It's name is "Giratina" instead of "GIRATINA."
    Yeah sure use this one:
    (Plat)- 2364 6194 4862
    and just bring any old fodder poke.
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