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    twiztid lucario gave it to me, im sure the person who owned it originally is "Johto Trainer."
    alright cool, and out of curiosity, have i traded you a shiny EV trained scizor?
    i just found out today it is hacked. and it is way to late for me to get my pokemon back. unfortunetly.
    i can trade now, if you want, and yes i have heard he is some (alot.) of people's blacklist, has he been caught doing something?
    okay headin in i added your FC in your profile , kabuto spread should be 252 attack 252 speed 6 HP
    Aw man! I knew that would happen!I knew Janovy would blacklist me! :( I feel so guilty...
    You can have 2 copies of it. When do you want to trade?
    I don't know why I feel like quitting. It's just I just went inactive all of sudden and I feel really guilty... :(
    you can clone now?
    Hello :)
    Sorry about the Manaphy clone, I completely forgot and went away from the PC. But when I came back I saw your messages and then BMGf went down for me so I couldn't write back. (Thus why I'm writing here.) I'll get it back to you next time you're on! :D
    WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lawliett I'm sad... I feel like quitting, and I haven't been on for so long.... WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! D:

    Well on to other things that beldum still needs cloning and I've some pretty nifty stuff like maybe 9 shiny flawless pokes! I'll PM You the details! (THESE ARE NOT RNGED!) It's from a guy named Wish, All pokes are legit checked! I"M SORYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! You can has some copies, how many?
    Can i pick up that smeargle and drop off the kabutos? btw how long would it take you to EV train it?
    Hey you there? sorry about that my computer fully shut down and i had to fix it, if your still available to trade send me a message:)
    it all seems right, did you put the pokemon white fc in on accident, because it is the Heart gold FC in my sig that i use for trading.
    I put the right FC for you in, lemme just make sure i have the right fc in my bio because it has changed before.
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