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  • nah, a fair bit of it is legit, these is a list of legit people somewhere idr where but...
    yeah you can pouch get any mon for free now.
    yeah B/W2 is out in japan, we'll get it in fall. is part of the reason that wifi is dead, too many free mons!
    B/W2 is out now lol, i swear you missed like the whole of B/W 9.9
    anyway yeah i'm still around, don't wifi much but still here. mainly battling now, I won nats this year again and going to hawaii in like a month.
    How about you?
    Ok see you in. What I'll do is shift back all originals in return for more and shift a single clone of each at the end so you keep the originals on Gen 4. My B/W code in my sig, my Plat FC is=
    1377 9634 3269 let me just finish something I'll be in in 10mins
    Hey - I'd be happy to help, If you want I can shift them over to 5th Gen for you making it easier to trade back? So let's say you wanted an extra one of each, I'd clone them, then trade you back originals on 4th gen, then shift the clones over to 5th. Then trade you your clones? Or we could do it all 4th gen. I'll look out for you online, also wandering how many copies wanted per poke. Happy to help.
    Wait, I'm not sure if he's on right now, but try GXStrider. He did some shifting for me a few days ago, and he is trying to build up references. He might do it for you.
    I'm honestly not sure. I have AR, but I never bothered getting a Gen 4 clone code.
    yeah been doing too much battling recently....
    omastar :P i think it's still on my pearl...
    anyway missed ya so much (no homo)
    I've got quite far in B/W OU but my i went to worlds VGC as i won nats and ended up coming 11th :D
    yeah lmk if you need any help :D
    <3 No homo.
    Can You EV in white??????
    well, mine also has that, so after it didnt work, so i bought a wifi usb connector....
    moltres, registel, togekiss (x2), rotom, omniscar, ludicolo, piplup, infernape and blastoise
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