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  • which days are you available to play? i'm usually available from 18:00 to 00:00 (GMT -3, you can easily convert time here:

    i'd much rather play on the weekends (Friday, Saturday or Sunday), since i'm usually busy on week days.
    yea that sounds good, I will be on for the rest of the evening so just vm me when you're ready
    So how does sunday at 11am sound for you?

    If you need another time tell me, I can also probably do Saturday at 10:30 but not much later as I need to go at 11:30
    I can do 1-2 matches REALLY QUICKLY

    because i need to go in 20 minutes, please get on reborn server as soon as you can
    what day will work best for you?

    TBH i dont think we can play any time before the weekend as I have school starting again soon and you can't play in afternoons
    we aren't allowed to play yet since predictions aren't in

    are you only free in the mornings and not evenings or something?
    LBJ I will be around all day today and periodically checking this. If you want to play shoot me a message
    gmt just confuses me anyway. EST is much easier to remember. I live in PST.
    we have to wait until the predictions close!

    how bout tomorrow though? What time zone are you
    ohhhh shit I have to play LBJ

    i will be on smogon pokemon showdown as smokingflareon, we can play sometime this week but not today
    Looks like I just missed you. Sorry, but I can't battle on PO because the download doesn't work for me. Have to do PS!.
    Hey, LebronJames. I'm in as a substitute in OST9 and we are paired for the first round. I am on a lot of the time. The best time for me is probably 12 PM to 12 AM my time (GMT -8). Just send me a VM if you see me on Smogon, and I will do the same if I see you. Then we can battle on PS!, where I am under the name rijsttafel.
    Hum actually i can't come on PO2, but if you're looking for me i'll try to be on as much as possible on PS as Aegir
    Alright. Given my timezone situation, the ideal time to play would be between the hours of 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. GMT +2. Currently, I am available on every day up until the deadline. If something comes up, I will inform you.

    Except that, can you give me your timezone?
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