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  • Hapee burthdey dude! You should feel super duper happy since it's also Tim Tebows birthday.
    =] thx man. The only thing that really worked for me was doing hammer curls . Not alternating but one arm at a time. So since I'm right handed I would start off with my left arm first do a set with that arm. Then while still holding the dumbbell do the set with my dominate right arm. Really felt as if my lower arm would fall off. oh and when I did starting strength for the first few months of working out. Some guy on bodybuilding board suggested doing a lot of reverse curls with EZ curl bar so I fit that in the starting strength program.

    sorry for the wall of post xD!
    doubt ill be going, it's in the middle of freshers week so i'll probably be busy getting drunk somewhere else

    although i do like the sound of all you can drink whiskey....

    that weekend is the weekend i move back to uni in surrey and freshers week starts so i wont be able to attend :( sorry D:
    #lifting needs to be on ajoin for people more! We should have a weekly Skype/chat sesh that everyone can make!
    Hey, do you want to mod OU again? You seem to be active again and another hand on deck wouldn't hurt.
    because currently the whole subforum is private. It's not really a discussion, just smod+ expressing their ideas.
    Hey man, I know you don't really play in tournaments and I'm sure you have reasons for it, but would you consider playing in the World Cup this year? A lot of older players such as Havak and Kinneas have retired now and we're looking for as many talents as possible... It's always a blast, we don't take it too seriously like some teams and it's just fun to see how we do. Up to you dude, but please think about it!!
    Oh Carlisle? Haha. Nice! Certainly makes me envious~

    (sorry for late reply a bit busy with exams at the moment)
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