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  • Yeah, I'm in a trade right now but I can trade after that. I also need to find my charger because my DS is about dead. Do you understand the Redis rules on them? As in, what you can and can't do? And how to instruct others?
    However, I should tell you that you may need to wait a day or two to actually get them. Lebowski's the copier of the pair, and he'll be moving soon, so he may be without a link to WFC for a few days. But by all means, post in your request as soon as it's ready, and we'll arrange for you to get your goodies.
    We'll leave it alone right now, but if we change our mind, we know where to go. And we're just waiting on you to tell us what you'd like to cash the credits in on.
    Username change? Intriguing. I'll change the name on your account at the First Bank of Lia Fail. Can that last one be uploaded somewhere so that I can just use the Insert Image feature directly?
    It's been decided - we would like to hire your banner services at the cost of six credits. Exactly how many banners are you talking here? We're assuming one for each tier, and one for the 5th generation ones (since they're unsorted). At this point, we're not thinking an overall banner, though that could change if an idea for its design comes forward.
    Well, he's inclined to give you a shot. Two questions.
    1) What are your rates?
    2) We'd like to see a sample of your banner creations.
    Right now, I'm not particularly inclined, but I'll take your offer over to Lebowski, and if he's alright with it, I certainly won't object.
    Sorry, but I have all the banners I need - I just havent put them in my thread yet because my mouse has stopped working and I cant add pictures until I get a new one
    Thanks for the offer though :)
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