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    ez mega tierlist of design

    Who puts manectric in S and sableye in “suck my ass” tier wtf
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    What university do you go to?

    Macalester college
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    well #70 voting

    return of the king
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    Pet Mod Clean Slate 2

    Alright, winners: I take home the Speed Control and Water-Type categories (with Lap and Scoop in close second places, respectively): Tuther's Coalossal, our first sub-100 Speed Rock-type, comes in hot: And finally, Anaconja's Armaldo is added to the mod, which should undoubtedly be an...
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    Your boner has a start up noise/ song

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    Plug Thread

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    Pet Mod Clean Slate 2

    closing votes in a few hours
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    Bet Your Avatar: Diamond and Pearl Remakes in 2021

    They comin
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    grats on badge

    grats on badge
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    Pet Mod Clean Slate 2

    Speed Control: Anaconja's Bisharp G-Luke's Beedrill Lapzaplerq's Chandelure ChoiceScarfed's Raichu Tuther's Girafarig Squawkerz' Polteageist Pokepoindexter's Drapion Scoopapa's Lunatone earl's Regieleki Water Type: Anaconja's Kyogre G-Luke's Dracovish Lapzaplerq's Durant Nateboomer's Brionne...
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    CAP 29 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

    FINAL SUBMISSION Name: Deus Ex Machina Description: A Pokemon that specializes in taking advantage of what appears to be losing positions through unexpected ways. Justification: Deus Ex Machina is an Actualization concept, the goal of which is to design a Pokemon that excels at using...
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    Pet Mod Megas for All v7 - Slate 28: Alolan Ninetales, Delphox and Zoroark! | Please read the first post! | Pet Mod of the Season!

    For the record, trapping abilities are still uncompetitive even if they last just 1 turn, as 1 turn is all most trappers need to beat their offensive targets. For this particular Mega, it would trash most psychic, water, and ground types while also being able to trap defensive pivots like...
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    Gaming hard, or hardly gaming?

    Gaming hard, or hardly gaming?
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    [LEAKED] Re: 2021 Monkfish Rebrand

    mf fish
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    Pet Mod Clean Slate 2

    Sub *clap* review *clap* time Bisharp: Could probably benefit from a bit more speed- at least enough to outspeed Cherrim, and enough speed to force fat Vivillon to invest a lot more into Speed than it needs to now (as it just wants to outspeed Scarf Zacian at +2 right now). Otherwise seems...