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  • So like, seems we're paired for Round 5 of Mattapod's tour. You up for this? My time zone will probably make this difficult though, GMT +8.
    yooo bud. we are paired up for round 3. can you battle tomorrow?
    You also played really well. I knew I pretty much lost when you kept conserving your Tapu Koko.
    i wouldve just gone for the W on araquanid with tapu but for some reason i thought it had aqua jet and you were gonna win with it XD i clicked thunderbolt and closed my eyes
    then i looked it up and saw it doesnt get aqua jet haha
    Yo LeopardTalon. I was looking through my thread and I saw you ask for the Bold XD Lugia (ages ago). Do you still want it? I only ask because I see that you have Zari's Timid one as well :P
    I don't want it anymore. Thanks for asking though. I'd assume Psycho Boost would be better run on an offensive Lugia (if such a thing exists).
    Yea I assumed you wouldn't :P and yea I'd say the same lol
    lol, don't need the stuff you requested anymore? You removed it before I could comment on it. :P
    If you're going to ask for Dream Balls then thats fine. Would you still be okay to make a trade?
    It was these:

    393 - Piplup ♂
    OT: Thomas ID: 22624
    Calm – Torrent
    31 | 00 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31
    Defog | FeatherDance | Agility | Yawn
    Soul Silver RNG bred on emulator. Defog is DPPt only.

    237 - Hitmontop ♂
    [IMG]OT: Thomas ID: 02220
    Adamant – Intimidate
    31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31
    Sucker Punch | Helping Hand | Fake Out | Foresight
    Platinum Poké Radar RNG abuse on emulator. Sucker Punch can only be obtained from PtHGSS.

    373 – Salamence ♂
    [IMG]OT: Thomas ID: 07416
    Impish - Intimidate
    31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31
    Defog | Body Slam | Dragon Dance | Thrash
    Emerald RNG Bred on emulator. Body Slam is 3rd gen only and Defog is DPPt only.

    330 – Flygon♀
    [IMG]OT: Thomas ID: 16169
    Jolly – Levitate
    31 | 31 | 31 | 01 | 31 | 31
    Body Slam | Double-Edge | Mimic | Defog
    Emerald RNG abuse on emulator. Double-Edge, Body Slam and Mimic are 3rd gen only and Defog is DPPt only.

    074 - Geodude♀
    [IMG]OT: Thomas ID: 33370
    Adamant – Sturdy
    31 | 31 | 31 | 14 | 31 | 31
    Body Slam | Dynamic Punch | Counter | Sucker Punch
    Emerald RNG abuse on emulator. Body Slam, Dynamic Punch and Counter are 3rd gen only and Sucker Punch is 4th gen only.

    227 – Skarmory ♂
    [IMG]OT: Thomas ID: 52389
    Impish – Sturdy
    31 | 31 | 31 | xx | 31 | 31
    Defog | Drill Peck | Mimic | Counter
    Emerald RNG Bred on emulator. Mimic and Counter are 3rd gen only and Defog is DPPt only.
    Oh man, I'm terrible. I completely forgot about this. >_< So sorry. I'll have a look at what I'm missing lol.
    Hey just checking in to see if you're still doing those bps?
    Yeah. I'm starting them tomorrow as I've been busy with university classes and exams. Roomy will take a while because of its gender ratio.
    That's cool. Was just checkin on my thread to see how many clones I needed. No rush
    For the hoopa would you be willing to breed me these 2 safari ball females?

    Riolu-jolly-31/31/31/×/31/31-agility/circle throw/follow me/bullet punch

    Surskit-timid-31/×/31/31/31/31-hydro pump/power split/signal beam/psybeam

    I'm 117jokes. I saw in your signature that you have a TSV of 0595. Are you accepting hatch request? I'm asking because I have an egg with ESV of 0595 and. I would like to know if you'd be willing to help me out by hatching the egg. Thank you for your time

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