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  • You down for a UU battle? If so here is my info. FC 4270-1035-5931. IGN is Link. I have added your info.
    Hey, could you add me please. My friend safari contains Espurr, Drowzee and Xatu. My FC is 4441- 9513- 5298.
    Hey, I hope you can add me, if not, thanks either way for reading this
    I have Pikachu, Electrode, and Garvantula 0173-1500-9032
    I have heracross, Illumise and Ledyba. Hope you add me I really need a Ditto Safari but it's okay if you can't. 2208-6285-2465. Thanks anyways!
    Hi, could you add me if I got anything interesting? I got Kakuna, Ariados and Drapion. My FC is 0946-2225-4593
    Regarding safari. I'm near the capacity. So I'm only adding people who have something in their safari I don't have. Sorry.
    Hey there! I'd like to add you to my Friend Safari, I hope I have something you'd like: I give Dedenne (meh) but I also have an Helioptile and a Manectric if you're interested. My Friend Code is 3496-9512-3481
    My friend code is 4399-0367-1317, could you add me please! Already added you.

    Heyyy, I have an Ice Safari with Sneasel and Cloyster. Would love to add you for Dittos.

    FC: 4742-6530-9191
    Hey! If you have the time and inclination, I'd love to get a piece of that ditto safari. I have Pyroar, Growlithe and Ninetales. Friend code is 4699 5610 3123. Thanks!
    Hey, I saw you have ditto in you r friend safari. Can you add me?
    My friend code is 3711-8294-3788
    I have a steel safari
    Can I have the ditto safari too? I understand you're probably busy with exams, so just reply if you want when it's convenient for you.
    5429-6837-0649 (Contains Nosepass, Onix, and Shuckle)
    Thanks in advance.
    Hope you’ll add me! 5069-4208-2675 I have a flying safari!!
    ill need some time. The wifi at my place crapped out so the earliest I think that I can add you is maybe this Fri or Sat. Plz have Staravia?
    Another Update. Since its Dec and exams are on me, I likely won't reply unless your Safari has something that I really want.
    Aw, pity! I'll be honest - my safari is only a poison type. (Cascoon, Toxicroak and Swalot) but best of luck with exams!
    PS - I breed Pokemon with 5 IVs if you're into that kind of thing and have some Noibats you can use to breed with Dratinis if you're interested!
    PPS - Ack! My mistake. Noibats are in the Flying egg group not dragon. Sorry about that!
    I can't imagine how many of these you get, but I'd be extremely happy if you added me for the Safari. I'm a Ghost type with Shuppet, Phantump, and Spiritomb.
    1650 1495 3595.
    LeungGaHo, I have been looking for dittos for quite some time. if you have space, please add me.


    You will be rewarded with Sandshrew, Camerupt, and #diggersbytho?
    Hey I'm also looking for Dittos. I don't know know what my pkmn are though. My code is 4253-3518-3169.

    Anyone could add me, as long as youu tell me what pokemon I have.

    Thank you.
    Hello, can we exchange FC? Mine are Pawniard, Sneasel and Inkay. FC is 5172 0349 9697. Thank you in advance! :)
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