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  • hello I heard you hate wads, I just want to tell you that I appreciate your opinion; personally, I cannot stand when my cash or receipts or, most embarrassingly, my dick gets all wadded up
    ugh that is nast, imagine the sweat and fungus that must build up.. and all the flies that would swarm around her
    idk R O F L how does she get out of bed.. does she have some kind of ramp she just rolls down??? and how does she get up vrrr

    more importantly how is there a bed that fits her

    bleaking new!!!! barackjack in next finar fantasy!!!! me vely upset @ dis new pubricity stunt D¦

    rofl that is pretty boring.. 8| i was supposed to go to 2mrw and be there for 5 days but long story short we didn't go, so i'm still at home "yay"
    same.. i have to go away to my grandparents' tomorrow "ugh" :\ that is gonna be sucktitties
    Thanks for the add, even though I don't know you :p

    Ps: Someone linked to your profile on irc because we were talking about the LoveDestiny thing, so that would explain all of the randoms viewing your profile!
    also, can someone explain why random people are viewing my profile... it is kinda weird.
    No, I only go to #stark, but since I got to know you, I'll try to check it out. I don't even know what sort of chatting #fluodome does. It was nice meeting you :).
    lol no worries. Destiny is my ex-gf (bad memories). I tried to change it, but too many people know me as LoveDestiny, so its hard for me to change it
    Of course not. I didn't come her to expect to see that you a bitch. I come her expecting to see a fresh face. There is more things to ppl than just bitch like CaptKirby
    you hard girl. no girl ever had the guts to call me nigga. I like that! So can I please get to know you :(. Nigga?
    well ok yea. no worries, once you get to more about me, you can forget those fucktards and just focus your eyes on me :)
    wat how that possible? Im top OU dog... tell me bout yourself, i know nothing about you. also if you like.. you can contact me on IRC :)
    hmm... then we both have something in common after all. Hi, let me get to know you. My name is LD, have you heard of me before?
    do you go on #stark? I would love to have a deep conversation of glasses with you :). I need help on picking the right ones
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