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  • im in the middle of catching zygrade so ill trade you somehting in my team so trade that one backplease
    Would you please hatch an egg for me? I've already added your FC.
    My in game name lVANGUARDl is the same as my Mii, my FC is: 4312 9765 8393

    Thank you :)
    Fun battle. I forgot to get rid of False Swipe on Scizor haha in case you were wondering why i never U-Turned.
    GG. I just assumed you must have been swords dance/???/roost/bullet punch
    ehhh I've some memories of you going on rampage D:
    /lexite used outrage @.@"/
    Anyway now it's more quiet :] maybe too much sometimes...
    About your businness, I hope they gets better, your stuffs were cool <3
    HI, Im good. Lol well he prefers i stay out of cong since i get to into some of the topics and a lot of the people in the chata have just been assholes, so i stopped going. But, if I am missed then maybe ill start popping in more. The business went well at the expo, but i kinda havent felt like doing anything since then really.
    How are you?
    Is Syberia keeping you locked up? D:
    Long time I don't see you around
    How is this Altaria (and that business) of yours going (the real size one) :O
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