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  • Ill certainly give it a go, I very much enjoy helping people develop sun teams, especially ones with a cool new concept. Currently on a phone but feel free to pm me with what you've been thinking - vm has a tiny max msg size. First thing to decide is what zard you'd like to use I guess, do you prefer using him as a nuke or as a revenger/cleaner?
    Hey, thanks for the compliment, I wouldn't agree but nice to hear! Anyway, Zard is alright, but you either need to really abuse his power with Specs or give him a way to boost his speed to he can sweep as opposed to punching colossal holes in things with Specs. Scarf or Flame Charge are the ways to do this ofc - and naturally you need a spinner and possibly also a Magic Mirror user to be sure hazards will be gone (as well as solid counters for other weather inducers).

    Essentially he is the most powerful thing available on the special side without boosts, but you have to support him very well and make sure you abuse his power to make him worth is as opposed to say Volcarona or Darmanitan, who are easier to use.
    I recommend replacing Breloom with it because you have three Ice weak pokemon and only Heatran resists it. Your team is pretty LO Starmie weak as a whole though. Nattorei would make a better Spiker as it provides a crucial water resist and isn't weak to Ice. Can't rapid spin though.
    Well let's see. Machamp, Dragonite and Nidoking are all fine, but Nidoking really needs either scarf or a baton pass to be totally effective. It's just too slow to sweep, but it's a great wall breaker. I think a support Mew might be right up your alley.

    Bold 252 HP / 252 Df / 4 Spd
    Baton Pass
    Agility/Calm Mind
    Psychic/Aura Sphere/Flamethrower

    With Calm Mind assuming there are no Ghosts you can effectively wreck havoc with Aura Sphere on it's own. Otherwise Baton Passing a Substitute and Agility to King basically means gg. You could alternatively use Venomoth except A) It's SR weak and B) it's a red flag to the opponent that you're going to pass to a Nidoking. I only recommend Mew because it's so unpredictable and deceptively bulky. Dragonite or Heatran wouldn't mind a Substitute or Agility either.
    Well, I can't really help you build one from scratch, but I can can comment and steer you in the right direction once you tell me what kind of team you want and what pokemon you like.
    Wait actually, forget that. I'm still thinking as a Gen IV player.

    The new best Mewtwo set is Psycho Killer. So we'll use that. The best partner for it is Groudon, which gives Sunlight and also checks Zekrom. Also, we can use a Scarf Palkia to check ScarfOgres that might try to spoil Mewtwo's fun.

    Actually, Mewtwo suffers against Toxic Spikes, but I don't want to use Forretress, and there aren't many good Poison types in Ubers. It's gonna have to be Poison Arceus with the CM set.

    So right now we have Groudon (Support) / Mewtwo (Sweeper) / Palkia (Scarf) / Poison Arceus (Calm Mind). I think we've covered most threats, but you'll have to be careful with Palkia.
    Ok, let's start with Mewtwo. Mewtwo is bothered mainly by physical sweepers such as Scizor and Metagross, but also is annoyed by Blissey (technically, the Taunt/CM set beats it IIRC). But to lure in Blissey, we can try a Physical Mix Palkia.

    Now we need to support the Palkia, so we use a Mono-CM Kyogre, which checks Groudon too, and can also beat Mewtwo.

    You don't necessarily need a dedicated physical sweeper, but you DO need a way to get past Blissey. A physical sweeper won't necessarily cut it, since a Blissey player will just run away to a Groudon or Giratina.

    We need 3 more Pokemon. I notice that we're fairly weak to Scarf Zekrom, so I was thinking that we could probably use Groudon to check it and set up SR while avoiding being setup fodder.

    At this point, I'd probably tack on a lead that could limit Deo-S to one layer. Maybe Scarf Darkrai. That would also check many other threats, but be a bit risky. Then, play around with Pokemon for the last slot.
    You should read the Gen IV Ubers Battling guide, since not much has changed except that Sun teams with Reshiram are more common. Hell, you could try out the tier with a bog standard Reshiram team that goes like.

    Jibaku's team is the best example of a Reshiram team. Try it out, it works well.

    What you want to do when you build a team is that you pick a Pokemon you want to sweep with. Then you put Pokemon to help it sweep. Finally, you put Pokemon on to cover the threats you haven't already dealt with.

    For example, I want to make a team that goes for a Kingdra sweep. I'll need a Kyogre to provide Rain and check Groudon. A Wobbuffet to also check Groudon and help Kingdra set up. A Rayquaza to act as a wallbreaker and Groudon lure. I want a Pokemon to set up Stealth Rock, so I'd take a Mix Dialga for that role. Then I'd work to figure out weaknesses of my team and modify from there.
    Well, what do you need help in? Teambuilding? Battle Strategy? Metagaming?
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