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  • "for gyarados i use the ev spread that outruns base 130s after one DD. it is a monster once a dd or two has been laid down. intimidate for extra utility and set up opportunities."

    Which EV spread is that? I would like to know because the more bulk, the better, but I would like to know how can I do that without forgoing too much speed. It is a shame that we need to waste EVs on speed because my playstyle is usually "switching things on resisted/weak neutral attacks".
    its not a bad set at all. Lavos Spawn and Harsha have good teams with Mixed Relic Song, and it can be very effective in this meta.

    Nature is usually Naive or Hasty.
    I'm not sure. Again, I almost never run 108, I don't see the need for that much speed. So 96 EVs would be a bigger drop. It really doesn't come up as often anymore, but I liked the slower spread because it gave me a better chance of surviving two Outrages from +1 Dragonite after Rocks.

    152 Speed EVs means you NEVER avoid the 2HKO after Rocks.
    Well, I like the extra bulk for sponging Outrages and then hitting back HARD with Thunderbolt or Flash Cannon. Often, I would outspeed defensive stuff I wanted to hit anyway, but try out 162 and tell me how it works for you.
    My ACTUAL PREFERRED speed is 56 to outspeed neutral 8 EV Scizor (which is the Choice Band set on-site), but QC wanted 108 to outspeed minimum Skarmory, I think. Or it was to outspeed the Skarmory sets that outsped max speed Wobbuffet. I forget. I might try that 162, though. That's interesting, thanks for pointing that out.
    The Hitmontop paragraph was just an example that I made the sake of an example. I'm sure everyone gets the point that the higher points are given to the user with a better written persuasive essay. It's not bad when you consider that this is Pokemon. If you'd like to show me better enter the competition and do your best.
    wait. Is any of your pokemon holding the everstone? You don't have to look at both options, just one of them. You're either using it or not. i would actually recommend NOT using the item as it will be easier to locate what frame you're on.
    If you don't save between tries, yes. If you try, save-for whatever reason-, and try again then no.
    Posting here because we're spamming the wrong thread lol

    --Copy and paste your seed into the main page. Select BW breeding(international if you're using international parents) and whether or not you're using an everstone. It should look something like this -- don't touch the IVs, shininess and all that stuff when you're in this page.

    After you have done click on the "Calculate Initial PID Frame" and hit generate, the first flame should move to the 40s/50s.

    Right click on any frame and go to "Display Parents in Search" Click on get the IVs from frame 8 and fill out the rest of the IVs. Click okay. You should now have characteristics as well as IVs displayed on the page. Hatch the egg and compare its info with the one you have, find your Shifted Initial PID frame and advance from there.
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