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  • French Spirit est revenu, n'oublie pas de jouer tes matches de Deal With It, le tournoi DPP.
    I win, 100% guaranteed. That rain teams is definitely not the best... If FB'd hit, scizor would've been 2hkod, gengar is then fodder for ludicolo, and azelf wins by using it's focus sash, so I win, definetly. Just so you know, I did 12 battles in around 1 hour before our match. Won 0, lost 1 legit, haxed out of the win in 11, all diff tiers too. 1 legit loss was BW OU, 3 haxed defeats were DPP OU, 6 BW RU and 2 BW OU. So, now, you must admit I win the match? Oh, and the azelf is my own unique creation; Stealth Rock, U-turn, Explosion, Taunt, but with Focus Sash.
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