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  • I have a black sludge. Can i have this ditto from your trade thread for it.
    Modest Ditto with Limber, nicknamed "Ditto"
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    the flawless ditto/smeargle?? what is the nature of it? btw can you trade with it an exp share
    Yes you can :P, I only got UT version of the Bronzong ( The person who Evd it for me used an AR so I need to re-EV it myself..... ) I will be on very soon.
    I am very seems I didn't clone the Mismagius from a trade yesterday...I cannot find it..

    was there anything else you like? You can pick 2 things for Umbreon for your time being wasted. :)
    It Seems like KAZO's Mismagius is on my Heartgold, I cannot clone on HG would it be possible if you can clone the Mismagius and send it a copy back to me? just for times sake instead of my transfering it over to Platinum :).
    I'm not quite sure what happened myself. But now that I think about it, I was at a WiFi hotspot at the complex where I stay at when we were battling as I don't have a connection at home right now. It may have just went bad as it does from time to time. This was also during the time when the rental office where the hotspot is was closing at that time and I had to log off of Smogon. I came back online on my DS afterwards(the connection is still OK outside the office), but I didn't see you so I went offline on that as well.
    the connection was really slow over the whole battle, so i expected a D/c earlier or later ;D

    gg ^^
    erm sorry, i had to go off. the dusknoir-breloom fight is boring me out but GG lol.
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