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  • Whatever makes me feel better? Buddy a rematch and me winning would make me feel better. If your ever up to it just message me.
    hey soz about that it was my 9 year old brother. he uses my smogon and types in his own fc.
    I just noticed your last post saying you hate latias so who else you hate? cinncino
    yea and I run an off set. subseed doesn't really work out for me. but sableye is equal pain if no fire poke
    Ok, well I had rocks up too. That puts magmortar at just about Dead. Even at modest max sp. atk a shadowball is a 4hko after leftovers on my Deoxys. Plenty of time to hit with a couple Seismic toss. And your Magmortar who was already half health at the most would've been low enough after rocks and poison where Arcanine could easily kill that and finish off whatever was left of Alakazam. Then I still had my burned Sawsbuck who was choice banded. So could still do some damage... Keep what I said in mind as well.
    really? what could you have done with deoxys, just seismic toss? remember i had magic guard and a sash, with a scarfed max special attack magmortar, and i had rocks up, odds werent really in your favor
    Ya, I don't think so. considering I still had Deoxys at full hp who is max sp.def. And a scarfed arcanine. I think you would've run into a bit of trouble. I never d/c on purpose though. And there'd be no point in working so hard to kill sableeye just to flee at the Alakazam.
    Sure wasn't me. I had full bars that time buddy. Why would I d'c after finally knocking out your sableye?
    I get it, and yeah, it sucked. Thanks for being a man and running instead of DCing like a lot of the babies who play pokemon.
    Yeah, I was worried keeping Gyarados in, haha. I was predicting Swords Dance when I stayed in. Was it actually a Scarf set?
    aw, GG.

    Too bad about that Jirachi crit; I would've won. But that's the game :) Fun match!
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