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  • You're not online, and you're taking a long time. I have to sleep soon :/
    I'm really sorry madturner, You're gonna have to ask one of the distributers to give you my shiny dratini if you win. I have a big schedule and alot of homework to do so I'll only be available on Fridays and Saturdays (only if I have no homework). Sorry. :(
    Oh, I didn't see your VM. I went lurking my PMs to see who I didn't finish with yet. Let's go with PM. =)
    Didn't you ask Metalex already? Anyways, I've already distributed to about 1/5 of the people, so I've done my share. Go ask another distributor. Thanks.
    My avatar is jumping around so all you have to do is talk to it and I can get you the bird. Please enjoy it. It took alot of hard work to get it. 68 hatched eggs to get I.V.'s that were anything to be proud of.
    I am in the wi-fi room but I do not see you. Did you put in my soul silver FC?
    Just VM or PM me when you get this messege so I know to go back into wi-fi for you.
    I am sorry to hear about the loss in your family. I will see if the wi-fi is working real quick and if it is I will get you the bird.
    You are the last one I need to get the pokemon to so I will need you to contact me as soon as possible. I need to know if you still want it or not.
    I will be online for another 6 hours today. So VM or PM me when you come online today if you can to get your Chatot from me.
    I will be back online on saturday and will look for you then. The pokemon is yours never fear.
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