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  • Meh, the usual Sand affair. Deo-S got banned, they're thinking about testing thundy, nothing exciting. Even if for fun come stop by for a while :)
    Maestro, Rain Dance Starmie is not feeling your love...

    Also, please include Damp Rock under AC as an alternative item.
    yo dude, are you gonna finish up that starmie set? if not, i'd be glad to take it off your hands since i wrote up the revamp for starmie anyways. thanks!
    MaestroXXVI, sorry for the long wait, but your Rain Dance Starmie is now fully quality approved :)
    lol we are paired up for tutoring again. I'm always on irc unless i'm working or with my gf. Lets get a shit ton of sessions done.
    Thread looks great, I recently made a post in the rain dance thread in the uu section of dragon spiral that will xontribute greatly to the topic. Good luck!
    Hm, well I've come up with my set independently (I used to run modest but then they suggested timid). It's a support Starmie with an offensive bite as well, similar to deo-s with hazards and 2 attacks.

    Yeah go ahead write it up :)
    Actually, the tiering script was written a few weeks ago. I just wrote a generic three-month collator today. And yeah, go ahead and post the "changes" script.
    Oh, I already got that handled. See It even generates a new tiers.yml. Github has a GREAT help section. I recommend checking it out
    They were down indeed, thanks for the heads up! My subdomain was removed with no warning or explanation, so I probably wouldn't have noticed for weeks. They're back up now though!
    Yeah, it's Python. One of my next projects is going to be to start a github repo for all my scripts. It would be awesome if you would contribute your "changes" script to that.
    Well it was your idea. And no, you should DEFINITELY stop pestering me! Because I put 'em up! :-)
    It actually shouldn't be *too* much work, but I won't have the time to work on it for the next week-and-a-half. After that, sure. VM/PM me again if you don't see the stats up by the time October rolls around, though.
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