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  • It's a shame that Sandslash is being used at all. Tbh I think Sandslash should trade places with Scolipede in the tier lists; dropping Sandslash to NU would give it a place where it is at least somewhat decent.
    oh then i was the guy you asked for pointers yesterday lol, fun match =).

    how did the changes turn out?
    jw, are you metang4ou on PS? i think i remember you using that nick in a replay
    There are actually a lot of different variations of Scolipede running around. There is a Sash lead with Megahorn / Spikes / Aqua Tail / (Toxic Spikes / EQ), as well as a more offensive set with LO which is Megahorn / Aqua Tail / EQ / Spikes. Rock Slide can also be subbed in to either of them. Some people also run a bulky Scolipede to take advantage of its resistances, though I don't have much experience with this.
    Swellow makes a good sweeping partner because it can get past Seismitoad. Scolipede for Spikes, Piloswine for SR. Gothorita also traps a lot of things that can beat costa (Weezing, Gurdurr etc)
    Would this be mixed Eelektross? (TBolt, Flamethrower, Giga Drain, Superpower or something along those lines) If so then I'd say Darmanitan or Victini. Eelektross can deal very well with both Water and Rock types that would stand in the way of Fire attack spam. Eelektross can pretty freely switch into a Rhyperior and OHKO it with a Giga Drain and can also switch into a bulky Water type and KO it with a Tbolt.
    it has cm and can use its ridiculous bulk to boost as it likes. even cb tar can't ohko with crunch. i remember PO tested it at the beginning of BW and it was ridiculous.
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