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  • If you're ever in need of it, you're free to take my Modest Hyper Trained Lele, see if it performs any better for your Tree team
    are you done with that capturing BW2 legendaries article or no? if yes I'll get it onsite, if no I can retire it
    is it onsite yet? I just checked it, so I wanted to let you both know
    Hi, are you still working on Ferrothorn in VGC analyses? If not I'll PM TheMantyke to say I'm taking over. Comment on this message with your response ASAP. Thanks!
    you need to take a look at your ferrothorn analysis. Nothing has happened for over a month (that was when I posted)
    No problem, man. :D Didn't want to seem like I was stalking you by going to your trade thread, but yeah, thanks for the link.
    yeah, mantyke, crow and I have all been to the past two GA regionals at least

    here's mantyke and I (#swagger) and iirc this is crow on the mantyke's warstory but you've probably read it !_!
    GT's internet is not kind to the WEP only DS Lite and DS Original. GTWireless, despite being WEP, just won't let them online. I have to connect with my 3DS which is thankfully WPA compatible.
    Hey, sorry it took this long to respond. I'd be happy to RNG a Timid Hidden Power Ground Latios for you. Your suspicions were correct, I haven't RNGed one at this point so what you saw was a hack. I'll RNG and get it ready for you over our spring break for you. As for more rides, I'm not actually sure if the 7 or so of us are going in together or trickling in individually. I'll tell you if anything comes up!
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