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  • I'm good, but college is a drag.
    Bloo reminded me of my Krabby analysis, so I finally got that up.

    Also, I just discovered the awesomeness that is Apple Juice. I'm 19, and I recently had Apple Juice for the very first time! It's soooooo good.
    Hey -Charmander-,

    We haven't talked in forever. How yo doin?
    I have nothing else to say... :(
    They aren't posting "creative" movesets, they're posting "underrated" movesets. If the thread doesn't exist already, go ahead and make it.
    That's cool man, I'll be on a lot this week. =)
    Did you have time for a quick LC battle or nah?
    I get the idea, it seems cool, definitely gonna read more about it.
    Wow so sorry I wasn't on Monday, my internet has been down until today. Wtf. So irritating. But yeah, finally back up, did you wanna work on that RMT? =)
    Thanks. Not landing that last KO counter on Cloud made me sad though. Dx Oh well... we'll get there eventually I suppose. GG.
    Missy is definitely cool, and I don't feel bad knowing we did pretty well.

    Actually... I wasn't forfeitting out of spite. I was trying to RP as a nice trainer who doesn't allow his Pokemon to suffer unnecessarily. xD You can tell Nyx to override that if you want I guess; I suppose forfeiture should be specified in the rules. Maybe we can have it so that I forfeit but you get the KO counter anyway. That definitely wasn't my intention, though, yeah.
    Good match, man. It's too bad you and Nyx weren't both on for us to finish up... xP LOL oh well.
    I'll get to it when I feel up to it. This girl I had a thing with and was (am) really, really into just told me she thinks of me as a friend. And that the whole thing had been a mistake. So I'm kind of messed up right now. I'll try to do it though.
    Hey man, I just got the best idea for a battle + warstory. I think you might be down. ;D
    And yeah, we need to make that RMT.. I have tomorrow off work, when should I be online for? =)
    hi charmander. just reminding you you have to post your orders in the match against darthvader or risk getting dq'd
    Uh, I think you're supposed to send yours out -> I send mine out and attack -> you attack. :0 Then the ref.
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