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  • Hello ManOfSea, Team Rocket Corporation is conducting an Activity Sweep which it will get rid of inactive members.TRC has a large community and many threads and projects you can be involved in. If you wish to continue being a member of Team Rocket Corporation please post at the Trc continuity thread.
    I am sorry, but I feel like I must leave Team Hydro. I am inactive and that is a cause for removal. I have other priorities and am not useful to you or your group.

    Apparently, according to BS you are a spy.
    What do you have to say?
    (BTW I dont believe him, I am just investigating this whole spy business)
    My apologies for not inviting you to the Triumvirate before.
    Also, you should be more active in Aero. Just putting that out there.
    Both KS and Comp would be great officers.

    I'll try and be active, but we need to more to talk about. (I can't think of anything, that's your job)
    Become a bit more active in TF13, and after comp is finished with his ceremonies, you can become DS CL.
    Activity and posts. ;) But those are easily mistaken for spam. We are the number one group (not just team, group!) with both of those.
    I think I covered all the basics, but if you want specifics, you have to ask for them. Oh, and ignore that last one.
    BattleStar and PLC used to hate each other, but now I think they are neutral. (based on their recent conversations)
    The "big players" are the SSIS, Team Aero, and Team Rocket Corporation.
    Team Neutral is also a major group, but nobody treats us like it.
    There has always been increased tension between TRC and the 2 other "major players" listed above.
    Team Neutral is Team Spam.
    We even have our own T-shirt.
    Hello Uber Agency Member!

    It seems that you have not yet signed up in the Rankings, Jobs and Signing Up discussion. Please sign up as you'll be unable to participate in uber agency activates and earn merits without signing up.

    This is a relativly new group so you can rank up quickly and become a major figure in smogon groups without having to go through the tight ranks of larger groups. You can get points for anything from gathering intel to sending announcement like I am now so it's incrediably easy to rank up if you put a little bit of effort in!

    When choosing a job please note that we are low on intel agents and recruitment agents, these are ironically the two jobs with the most merits! So please sign up today to get your uber agency career underway!

    ~Palkia Pvt. TheChortler
    Attention Uber Agency Member!

    We have offically decided to start a newspaper! This paper will be called the Arceus Herald. If you think you can help please visit the discussion and post your interest if not visit the group anyway and check out the varitey of discussions and events going on at the moment!

    Also, if you have not gone the the Rankings, Jobs and Signing Up discussion to sign up please do so now so you can get your uber agency career underway!

    ~Palkia Pvt. Axmaster68
    Hi, i'm just starting out and wuld like to be what you would call a mercenary. I am trying to get a jb at organization 13, but I'm not getting much luck. If there is any problem, I'm willing to help!
    oh so i was right. Personally i think heatmors are maybe the number one most interesting concept for a pokemon, but (no offense) there so bad stat-wise I've NEVER seen one either in random matchup, torurnaments or any other competitve play.
    thanks for the invite! But why does a person named man of sea have a fire type avatar? I'm guessing for irony.
    Another thing: try and come up with a good game. I can't think of anything right now, but a good game is a GREAT way to boost activity. (or you could make a spin off of someone else's game *coughlikeTNcough*
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