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  • "It's possible these are scrapped Pokemon, and they don't really jump out as Event-Pokemon to me. Diancie seems perfect as a scrapped Evolution to Carbink."

    Your post on a kind of old Diancie/Hoopa/Volcanion thread. Yet you avatar is....Mega Diancie. >.<
    ohhhh, i was following you but you weren't following me??? meanie >:(

    also wtf is ur avatar oO
    ops, this isn't my wall, i commented that on the wrong place ._.
    When are you available to play for ubers superstars round 1, I'm gmt+0 and can play whenever.
    Hey man. You're my ubers tutor for round 86. You can usually find me chillin on PS in the lobby so if you see me send me a pm, and if you want you can hit me up on skype too. I'm lookin forward to learning ubers so see you around.
    Just talk to me on IRC when you want to play. I won't be checking the forums too much because of world cup games. :~
    We're paired up on UPL. I'm on GMT-3 and I should be free to play this weekend. You can find me on IRC on #baril as ELODIN all the time.
    I will be busy this week so it would be nice to end this today. How about 8 pm - 12 am my time ?
    Hey, we have to play for the XY Ubers Tournament. What time works for you ? I'm gmt +1 and Tuesday is good for me.
    Hi I'm your UBers tutee and I can meet you at your early mornings ~7am every day or your nights (9pm and later) every day as well! How are your online timings?
    Hi, we're paired for the xy ubers tour r1, I originally just planned on seeing you in irc channel/PS but since thats been unable to happen might as well just vm you.
    My timezone is est and you know where to find me.
    Hi, I'm your Ubers tutee! I'm around on IRC a lot in #ubers and #doubles. Could you ell me when you are available? Thanks.
    Hi! ^_^ I'm your ubers tutee, so I hope we can set up times. Looking at your schedule, it would be easiest for me to go on Showdown Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekends, within your time period. I was hoping we can get a session today and/or tommorrow, but its your desicion
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