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  • That one is out of date but you would just drag the .pkm file onto the .exe file itself.
    legal.exe? It wasn't known until recently how XD mons were generated. There are only two things that support it. The one I showed you and (must be in 5th gen and uploaded by file).
    If you had been gone the last few days you had missed the new development regarding XD mons. They can't be RNG'd on a retail game though, and it is very unlikely they ever will be (you try timing something to a billionth of a second). Check the RNG research thread, or a couple pages back in Discuss My Pokemon thread.

    Unfortunately I cannot provide a link to the checker itself as I was told not to give it to anyone. If you would like you can ask Kaphotics about the Zapdos as I had asked him to do the check for me.
    Hey I found out that your XD Zapdos is unfortunately a hack. So whoever gave it to you is a dick and I must insist that you remove it from your trade thread and not trade it to other people.
    You know Hozu right down there....I mean its your pokemon...I would not trade it Fully Redis......just tell me what you think? NFT or Non-Redis?
    Thanks for the trade. I probably won't trade the Zapdos much since it was your intent to not have others trade it.

    But there are other people who asked for it before you said that you're able to trade in 4th gen so if you trade it to them it would only be fair to offer the rights to them as well.
    Oh ok. Thanks. I had figured that someone on this board would have that Zapdos if it was traded online but I guess it wasn't.
    Ok I will wait in the WiFi room in 4th gen.

    Btw, out of curiosity, where did you get that Zapdos from? Did you get it yourself, or do you personally know who got it, or did you trade for it online? Just wondering.
    Sharpedo? I think you're confusing me with someone else... You had asked for the Jolly Elekid and the shiny Relaxed Dusclops.

    By the way I can give you both a Dusclops with the NN "Dusclops" and one w/o a NN so you can use that as a Dusknoir. I had to do that because the person who wanted the BP requested it to have DynamicPunch, which could only be taught to Dusclops. So please come on with 2 extra random pokemon that you're willing to part with.

    In any case your 4th gen FC is 4384 3420 1205 correct? Mine is 3568 2905 2846.
    Ok I'm available to trade right for the rest of the day. Would I be able to get the Zapdos in 4th gen? I have both of my pokemon available in both 4th and 5th gen.
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