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  • find a trade thread that haves it and them send me it and i post it
    if there isnt any i will try to breed one ok?
    its like that the move tutoring is something that some people put as services that can be done, in exchange of this service the guy that made the trade gets a credit or more credits it depends on the scheme of credits the person uses! but i prefer that in the place of a credit i would like to have a copy of the pokemon you want me to do the job and the redis rights over it. and the credits can be traded later for other jobs or pokemons
    sorry i ignored you on my Trade Thread im real sorry can you tell me which moves would like in your Regirock and if its possible isntead of a credit is it able for me to get the redis and a copy
    dont worry about that all the thread i looked up untill now turned my offer down so its quite too normal
    your welcome and another tip
    stay with your posts higher then 50 after that i can tell you will be more respected and the magnezone you wanted i actualy have it on my trade thread take a look at my trade thread see if there is something interist and them offer me something ok?
    but remember to put nature and ivs and if it is UT or trained
    my trade thread: Scheiner's Trading Center
    CMT = Check My Thread
    and one tip people only trade with you if you have a trade thread
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