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  • It all fine now, you can forget about it. ^^
    Its very kind of you to care
    Yume nikki? I agree. But more of 'lil, and another famous singer i forget lol.
    I think the original artist is Hatsune Miku, but idk if she is real or not. Her voice is unnaturally higg
    Thanks. That song kept my head out of the water for the last couple of days. I felt like drowning in my own tears for the last couple weeks. That song, and a really amazing internet friend, is what kept me from killing myself. [yeah, it was that bad] but all is better.
    And lol. Its a good thing too. Otherwise you would have never have collected our two credits. :3
    Hey there, Mega Metal. You wouldn't happen to be available to trade the Abomasnow from Defense's giveaway would you? Please?
    Pre-HG/SS, you can only Pal Park from a certain game once a day. I hated that. But PokeShifting sounds fun now that you said it.
    Do you know the true meaning?
    I loved the art.
    As you notice, the girl gets even more beat up, battered and bruised as time goes on
    And she keeps crying all the time. But she keeps on "rolling"
    She debates about death all the time. She asks herself whats the point?
    She sees in B&W
    But at the end, she sees in colour.
    She "stops" her breathing, by ending it with a kiss. Instead of death
    I so agree. You gots me hooked!

    IDK if you like japanese music, but this is a new song... That just changed my life. Its all i ever listen to...

    Please watch, and gopefully read the lyrics. Its got so much meaning and power that rivals that one you showed me
    Like the band?
    Ive heard about it. Serious rock though. Never heard a
    SOng unfortubately
    Lol... You looked at alexa's thread. However, i have magmortar though
    Hooray! I owe you cupid and pysche, and what else? Think you can CMt for your two crdits too?
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