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  • can you still do gen four tradeS? sorry it took me so long to get back to you with exams and christmas stuff anyway its in my soul silver when your ready to trade
    sure when i find it ill clone it up for you - could you nickname it for me or did you lose the file?
    I'm afraid I do not have the cart with me that has that TM on it. I'm about to log off now for a while; thank you for your banner work, and enjoy the Pokemon you got. Bye.
    I think I should notify you that the Togetic/Togekiss' EVs aren't exactly right. They're pretty close, but one of the 252 numbers should be ~10 lower and the one that's 6 is actually about 16. I don't think it's Spe is one of those changed stats, so it might not be a big deal, but I felt I needed to notify you. Also, I'm certain on every other Pokemon's EVs, so you don't have to worry in that regard.
    Let's stick to VMs unless you're sending me links you want to keep private.

    I'm messaging to tell you that I'm working on your stuff, only it's taking a little while. I don't have either a Fire Stone or a Shiny Stone on the file I keep my Pokemon stored on, and I just found out that my main version, the one the Arcanine was bred in (and must be nicknamed on) doesn't have the Shiny Stone. So I'm doing a bunch of trading at the moment. I'm not saying this to whine, only to tell you that it'll be about ~15 minutes before I can trade.
    hello if you could confirm the semi redi status i have on your pokes that would be great, it was your jolly marowak
    Sorry, I'm not the right person to ask. I don't use a computer emulator, so I really don't know all the details. :-(
    Yes, you can. There's a new version in the Gen 5 help thread on the wifi forum. There's instructions on the first post. You can actually do this without an AR, but it's easier if you do have codes.
    A whole bunch of people are using an emulator to RNG it. You should check the research thread. I think stuff has been put on there, including spreads for using on emulator. That's as much as I know.
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