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  • Okay :)
    Also signup for "be unpopular or die", a fun game hosted by me on circus maximus forum :P
    Lol you posted that on your visitor message board, not in our actual conversation :D I don't play ftb, so I wouldn't really like the IP. I was just going to ask you, will Valentine/Kissedhersister get a tower in your castle? Not meaning to persuade you or anything, but I think she deserves it for that hole digging thing. Just a thought XD
    Leachips iv been playing some feed the beast that's the reason iv not been on smogcraft, would you like the ip for the ftb server? I will be more on the server I give you my word
    Seriously though, I don't see you anymore... I've been building a spleef arena, which you should check out sometime.
    Its been a LONG time, but let's see, I don't know if it is as easy as copy and paste, which is what I do since I have a pc. Have you tried saving the image and opening it in a different window?
    Oh any post is great ^_^ I just like to see people posting stuff. and well, if you want good quality sprites, (ie, non static sprites) save it over another pokemon sprite. For instance, you save a rapidash and then fuse a pokemon, save the fused pokemon over the rapidash file, and it will be clean :D and your fusion is on the way.
    Smogonites get perfect IVs using a computer program to predict exactly when the game will generate a flawless pokemon; this can also include tampering with the day/month/year on the DS's calendar. I never quite got the hang of it, so I still breed normally, but I get pokemon that are nearly flawless in a single afternoon, so I'm all good.

    You might want to make sure you ask questions in the proper thread, or you can quickly get on some peoples' nerves.
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