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  • i'll be at pokémon online serv. as .GreenCore, pm me before challange <:
    i'm sorry, yesterday i coldnt play, something happened .. so, i can play today, just tell me when you can.
    I would, but I'm not at home, and I only have .pkm files with me. However, julios can help you with that.
    Sorry, no gen 5 guide planned for my thread right now, but the forum mods may still make one.

    I'm not really doing any trading at the moment. Sorry. Try the simple requests thread.
    Oh yeah, my friend sent me the link to them. I forgot, they've just been sitting in a tab off to the side lol
    I really enjoy Ulgamoth, Gigaith/Gigalithe, Emonga, and well, pretty much 99% of all of them XD

    Yeah, there aren't that many fancy water types this gen :/

    But on the plus side, at least we received plenty of other unique typings.
    It took a while for me to choose between the pig and the otter, they were pretty much tied. I was leaning toward the otter because I planned on having Ulgamoth in game as well, but now I really want the pig lol
    Sure am, me and my friend are (hopefully, if he can get a DS that isn't broken) going to go get them on the release date. Then we're going to just hang out and play through them, we did the same with D/P and it was fun :]

    Which reminds me, I should probably look into pre-ordering :/
    lol I had to go back a week ago, enjoy it while you can buddy.

    Aww, I hope your quest for a new PC turns out successful
    Nothing much. Some friends and I have spent most of our time on our trade thread. It's pretty fun :]

    How have you been?
    Yeah man, Little Cup is a lot of fun, especially if you like fast paced offense. I'll go check out the chat, Thanks for the the site.
    Hells yeah I'm a UU lover, and always will be lol. I'll see how much time I have these next few weeks. You think they would be okay we me just hanging out there for a little? (Since i probably won't play back in college). I also love playing little cup now, very fast paced and fun to play.
    January 20th is pretty good (I got till the 31st, hella lucky lol), and hopefully 5th generation is better than how some it's pokemon look. That's good about Legacy though, say hi for me haha, and no I'm not in a clan at all right now. Oh yeah and say hi to Ger and Nick for me please lol, how have they been doing battling and stuff? Same question to you too haha.
    Sup Megaman!!! Not much lately, I have been in college since August but I am back for 6 weeks. What about you?
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