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  • It's an Icy Wind user (That's why it needed to be in 4th Gen; it has to be tutored onto it). Icy Wind is amazing in Doubles, and I'm using a team centered around it right now. Many thanks again for the Suicune, and I hope my doubles info helps. I'm always willing to tell you more, just ask.
    I think it's 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 SpD. Like I said, it isn't much, and I'm willing to honor a request for something else anytime you want it.
    The Blissey I sent isn't much, like 31/30/29 defenses (and everything else nonexistent) but it does have Counter and Seismic Toss tutored onto it from Gen III.
    To respond to your question: I think it is viable, although you are going to find that many of your opponents will know how to deal with Smeargle pretty effectively. Also, you'll probably have to "disguise" Trick Room with Pokemon that can run both a Trick Room and non-TR set, because if the opponent is very well-versed and knows you're trying to set it up he will probably be able to stop it if he is at all prepared. There isn't any one stratagem for setting it up safely just as there isn't any one way to stop it 100% of the time, of course: Imprison Chandelure can just be ganged-up-on and KO'd first turn while delaying TR setup for the second turn, priority Taunt can be nullified by Mental Herb, the team can switch out to avoid priority Encore, etc.
    But all of that is stuff that really applies to Singles as much as Doubles, and indeed to any Pokemon metagame. I'll get to battle tactics shortly.
    Usually when I'm teambuilding I already have at least one Pokemon in mind that I want to center it around, one Pokemon I don't want to leave out; this is useful for helping to align your party and not be all over the place, even if you eventually discard the Pokemon that the party was originally centered around. Often then I'll check Serebii or something equivalent for a list of Pokemon that learn a certain useful move, like Fake Out or Icy Wind, and narrow it down to Pokemon I need at the moment. This is just one useful tactic, though, and really anything that gives you structure in looking for additions/adjustments to your party is good. With the hundreds of Pokemon available for use in the GBU or elsewhere, it's hard to keep all their info in your head at once, and a filter of some sort is always welcome. (to be continued)
    With a theme in mind, it's a lot easier to build a team. You can basically start with a core and develop around it, each pokemon complementing another's weakness, or just use a generic team with which to "get by" and compete with online. There's no shame in using a store-bought team if you're only using it to learn the metagame and develop your own stuff, especially since you have to put up a good fight to learn the most out of battles (If the foe simply steamrolls you without having to use all his cunning, you probably won't be able to observe very much intelligence behind his moves and learn from them). (to be continued)
    Sorry for the delay, I wasn't quite sure where to start. It's a hard subject about which to begin speaking at any one point, because it all sort of gels together at once. Perhaps the best place to start is with teambuilding. Do you already have an idea or "theme" to a party in mind, or are you just starting completely from scratch? It's difficult to tell you what to do if you want advice in starting from scratch, because I might end up accidentally building a whole team for you with which you feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable. (to be continued)
    Are there any specific questions you have about Double Battles, or are you just looking to get sort of a "feel" for it?
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