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  • hey i came across your youtube not too long ago and want to say that your content is great! do you have any plans to do some stuff on the tellius games? :o
    Thanks! I like to talk about Tellius every once in a while but I can't really show footage or LPs of it because they run poorly on my computer.
    Seeing that master Rad was occupied explaining and defending himself from Yggy and Yogurt's attacks, Ether Ghale got back up from the ground and rushed to the back side of his master, carrying his long pole along and wanting nothing more than to be the first to ever hit the master.
    Hey where can I sub to mod Monotype or OMs? I could also do so with Cong and Cold Storage

    Just tell me where to sub
    I got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined
    I rose up from the dead I do it all the time
    I check it once, and then i check it twice
    I hope you find your peace,
    falling on your knees; praying.
    Someday, maybe you'll see the late.
    Some say, in life you're gonna get what you give.
    The Path to Isolation:
    It starts with the unexpected loss of something dear
    The warmth that comforted and cradled just disappears
    And in its place, there's nothing, just an endless empty hole,the light that shown the way is gone and darkness takes control
    Bitterness and anger are quick to fill the void
    The path to isolation is littered with the dreams that lay destroyed
    We spend our Winters in the Summer of Australia
    Eating crumpets with the sailors
    On acres without the neighbors
    We fast-forward four years more
    We long way from piss-poor,
    And all the shit that we endure
    I told you what you was in for so
    everyday i worry all day
    about what's waiting in the bushes of love
    cause something's waiting in the bushes for us
    something's waiting in the bushes of love
    we fast forward, four years more, we long way from piss-poor
    All the shit that we endured; i told you watchu was in for
    You know what they say -- you know, trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if its broken...

    ...But you can still see the cracks in that motherf#ckers reflection....
    yeah I was big in Japan
    I was king at ping pong
    yeah I was bad at tuba
    and I'm sure you'd like me to bounce
    Baby, i'm bleedin, bleedin', cant you give me what i'm needin?
    EEEVVVEEERRRYYYYYYY heart-break, makes it hard to keep the faith....
    I've got a hundred million reasons to walk away... But baby I just need one good one to stay...
    i've got another confession to make
    I promise this, promise this,
    Let this end 'cause i'm marvelous
    15K Messages Where. Also I love seeing all these unintelligible questions on your page... Like "I need some help with CAP" Lmao wut?
    Anywhere I could chat with dondon for a bit? I highly respect his views regarding strategy and player choice.
    maybe discord or reddit pm?
    Hello, I'm new to Pokemon and I'm tryong to learn about competitive battling in Smogon. However, all the topics and threads are locked, can you please help me please?
    Thank you.
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