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  • That's no problem, dude!

    Mira el canal ahora, que te he dejado algo y te veo online.
    Life is good - I'm a bit tired...been working and trying out this p90x thingy, haha. SOooooooo sore and hurting :(

    How are things on your end? :)
    My computer just went kabloomy so I can't really get on at decent intervals anymore. In either case - I hope the move goes well for you and all else! ^_^
    Nono, you misunderstand! I think it's a great catch :) Plus the Master Ball fits a legendary in my opinion :p Anyway, thanks again :)
    I'll pm you your info in just a moment, thanks for the Zekrom btw, not quite the RNGed pokemon I was expecting :) Is it non-redis?
    ah alright, just grabbing one that wasnt bred for IVs then :p I'm in the wifi room. I need something that was caught or bred on your game to check the SID, if you have some decent rnged pokemon just trade me something like that :p
    My fc is 4341 3095 5555. Just wondering, do you happen to have a sudowoodo? I can't seem to find any at the moment :p
    heya, I saw your simple request. I can help you find your SID and I have a couple Nincada with a few good IVs (both lonely and jolly). Let me know if you still need them :)
    Never heard of that, but it's definitely original. o:

    Actually no, lol.

    Aether, in Greek Mythology is the personification of the upper sky, space, and heaven, and is the elemental god of the "Bright, Glowing, Upper Air." He is the pure upper air that the gods breathe, as opposed to the normal air (Ἀήρ, aer) mortals breathe.
    Hihi! Nothing much really - just been goofing off a bit before I go into pharmacy school and start my super study mode for four years, ahaha :P

    When are you moving across the Atlantic? :P
    Well, there's the Black City and White Forest. Exclusive to their respective games. Not much else I can particularly think of, though.
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