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  • Cool. Add my White FC.

    And if you still have said Riolu/Lucario, can you re-send it to me, please? I lost most of my old Pokes.
    Yes, they're flawless.

    I don't even need to look at your thread to know what I want.

    If you still have it, you did a BP for me AGES ago...It was a shiny, HP Electric Riolu in Gen 4.

    I used to go by Skippy the Great. Same account here, I just changed usernames.
    I have copies of Kaphonic's full-redis Japanese Movie 11 Victini's (Adamant and Jolly).
    I have bond's Speed Boost Blaziken in my thread. Since I've seen it around smogon elsewhere, I assume it's legit. VM me.
    Yeah, I recently read about that. It would have saved me the trouble when I was breeding. -.-

    Timburr is in my shop and fully redis.. It has Sheer Force instead of Guts, though. Still, I wanted a cute gen 5 mon, and I've already collected the 4 that you possess. D:
    Everstone works on either parent, so, you could throw in any flawless Ditto and an Adamant male Timburr and magic occurs.
    Alright, I got a couple now...sorry it was a bit slow (was trying to hatch the egg...since I didn't use the fast egg hatch code... ._.")

    My FC: 0518 2942 0809
    I don't have Earth Power Garchomp, but what you really need is something that can give Deino Earth Power, I don't mind breeding one male Earth Power Deino for you, and you can go ahead and train it up yourself for your own breeding...if you want... .-.
    I have 6 extra power items if youd like to trade. Also i used an AR to clone the poke with the items attached if thats ok let me know so we can trade.
    I did some more Legit checking on that ralts.
    It seems like there is something suspicious about it.
    It seems like if it was japanese, it would have abnormally large capital letters for English, but its normal font. Like this:

    but instead, instead, its smaller...
    i dont know, and i dont want to trade you a hack.
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