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  • Thanks for catching my error ^_^ i was so worried because i couldn't edit or remove it but i had a staff member delete it for me, sorry about that, it was entirely in error and i got Thundurus and Thundurus-T confused
    Just click on pending & invited members at the bottom then at the box on the bottom of the new page put the users name in the box that says invite user and click on invite.

    I wish you could invite more than one user at a time, but only one at a time.
    What I do is copy the names into a spreadsheet, then copy and paste them in one at a time.
    It does have auto fill, which helps a lot.
    That sounds cool. I dont mean to correct, but you need to click on view conversation on my comment to send your message to me otherwise the only way I see it is if I come back to your visitor page. Did not know if you did that and made a mistake or if you did not know that.
    So why dont you talk about it on BABA. I love to help out other groups, althoug I am not joining many others right now.
    Welcome to BABA Mew
    I saw your group - what are you planning on doing in your group?
    If you want, feel free to talk about it in BABA and advertise, even put a link to your group in BABA. Good place to mneet other likeminded smogonites.
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