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  • hey we have to play for the random pokemon tourney. when do you want to get it done? I'm gmt-5, free all weekend and probably past that
    Can we do our battle during the weekend then? Either Saturday or Sunday, working a lot this week.
    Ok, ill be on about 1am my time tonight thats about 8 pm for you right?
    Well if you want we can do it now, but I need to do it relatively soon
    we need to play for "weather monopoly", tell me when you're available; I'm gmt-6 (and I can play right now if you want to n_n)
    Okay no problem, im just GMT (UK) so ill let you know when I get my team made
    Yeah I know we are having difficulties. I should be free most of tomorrow (except for when the Niners are playing), so I will be on before that.
    yo i'm gmt-5 and can play this weekend most likely on saturday would be the best time, i can also play weeknights around 11pm till 2 am so get at me
    Hey, you are my opponent for UU Olympus. We are playing ADV UU. I live in California, so my timezone is GMT - 8. Let me know when you can play and what your timezone is please.
    Well, if you want to do either one it's up to you, Im still all alone, so if you could do one that would be fantastic, whichever you are better at really:)
    Edit: whoops did t see that sign up were closed, guess we were too late :(
    its only uu, so adv uu, dpp uu and bw uu, as zdrup hasnt replied would you be able to do dpp uu? if not thats cool, and as no one else has ever played adv uu then if you would be at all able to do it that wuld be great :toast:
    Hey, would you wanna do adv with me for the uu Olympus tourney? I can do BW, and I have asked Zdrup if he would like to do dpp but he hasn't responded
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