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  • Seeing as the deadline is coming close, what do you say we battle tomorrow at 10 PM GMT +2, which is 3 PM your GMT?
    I can play at a lot of times, so just PM me whenever you can. I am at +2 GMT, and i am asleep or at university from 4 AM to 2 PM, but any other time feel free to contact me.
    Yeah I probably should have activity win but tournament is horribly organised. If new round isn't posted i'm willing to play about 8am est or weekend.
    The next round is already started, and you won the coin flip. I don't really want to take the win, because I feel we've both been equally active, so you should play the next round.
    Hey, it's 8pm gmt-5 and you're not on. Maybe you forgot daylight savings? I'll be on for 1 more hour, but then I need to go.
    Hey, I'm available on Saturday from 4-9pm gmt-8. I think we have to play on showdown to change the abilities for the tweaked mons. Tell me what time would be best for you.
    EDIT:sorry, I won't be able to make it today, i'll tell you when i'm available tomorrow
    Hi, we're paired for uupl. Are you ok about playing saturday before stour starts? If not shoot me a time.
    Sorry, I haven't finished my team yet! I'm hoping to play this Friday, this weekend, or sometime next week.
    hi, we're playing for the metagame tweak tour, when and where do you want to play? I'm gmt-8 btw.
    As you wish. I prefer PO cauz' showdown have sometimes some strange glitchs. I will be on groudon grotto on PO and smogon on showdown.
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