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  • Oh boy, this error code... I've had no luck with 80430 error codes. Last time I tried to plow through one of those, I never succeeded. So, uh... how about I try starting the trade? A few times of that then I'm gonna have to call it quits. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    EDIT: Oh jeez emergency! I'll start up the trade on my end again when I get back.

    EDIT 2: Okay, back.
    Gonna take care of a few things so if you don't see me on when you're back on, then I'll be back in a few minutes. It won't be long!

    Just gotta feed cats and check on GTS. Five minutes tops.

    EDIT: And back on and waiting.
    Nah, that's fine, I have time. Besides, at this point I've got myself set up to do other things, then react the moment I hear the sound of someone coming in. So if you pop in, I'll drop what I'm doing. If you want to drop it for your sake, though, then that's fine too. I don't want to inconvenience you either.
    So.... Still having wifi problems over there? That's fine if so, just want to make sure it isn't trying to make us not see each other again.
    Probably gonna blame all the wifi problems on people with their OH MAN BW2 TRADING AND NEW DW ABILITIES

    It was worse around the start of BW, after all.
    Shouldn't we trade the haunter first? Makes things faster. Then you trade dunsparce when I trade gengar back
    On and waiting.

    By the way I'm gonna have to throw something your way regardless. I don't have a whole lot of trade-spare DW abilities on me at the moment, but is there anything you want? I'll see what I can do as long as you don't expect good IVs or anything.
    Ah, okay. Makes things quicker for me. Actually just had to pass up a DW dunsparce on-site, so this offer caught my interest. Anyhow I'll enter your code and get on right now. (You'll find my code in my info and/or sig if you haven't found it yet.)
    Heya. I can help with the Haunter evolving for that DW Dunsparce of yours. I can also throw in a DW Swinub while I'm at it. Just need to breed one up.
    Not tomorrow. I'll be in a VGC. But sometime, definately. I'd love to. Let's hope the weather clears up for you.
    That's fine. If our connection doesn't fit, it'd be fun to test out a team or two against a fair and ballanced team like yours.
    So yeah.

    Your team seems fairly solid - Poli and Ferro are anti-trickroom, Kingdra is your beater assuming all goes well, weavile is anti-dragon/fakeout, and rotom is anti-water.

    If you'd like to try it against a team I throw together, let me know. My battles are done on black w/ a different DS so I don't know if we'd have the same connection problems.
    That's why Dragon Dance sets exist. VGCs are... what? 2 on 2 this year?

    Politoed should have ice beam (quiet so his weather sticks in weather-battles?), Kingdra should be swiftswim w/ both ice beam and dragon meteor, and Weavile should have maxed out speed w/ ice punch of something - right? I really don't see why you should have a dragon problem. In fact, with so much dragon-hate, I could see leaving Dragonite on the bench - if I recall correctly, 2 on 2 requires you to take 4 pokemon, not 6, into battle.
    Depends on your team. I like running Leftovers on the hope that you can recover your mock-focus-sash. However I think the idea behind the berry is that it lets you survive an dragon meteor/outrage that would otherwise kill you at full health. VGCs should have a lot of Garchomp, I suspect.

    I'd have to know your full team to know for sure. The less fake-out/followme/whatever users you have, the more you need to protect Dragonite w/ his item.
    You need to reset your router.

    Each time you try to connect and it fails, log off and log on again.
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