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  • yes most definitely skarmbliss however he you've either got the poke's or can get a hold of some decent i v'd ones pretty quick what's really the best is to test them against people on i r c.
    Thanks again for the answers.
    BTW I was trying to RNG Game Corner Abra yesterday using my wristwatch, but it seems that it's not the best way...
    Probably the split seconds value of my watch is a bit too fast.
    (I used my watch because someone's using the computer yesterday)

    I tried again now, but this time using emloop.
    And I did it after a few tries, unlike yesterday, which took me 2 hours.
    I have questions too...

    1.) After E4, can you still determine your seed for the non-runner legends?
    2.) How about random phone rings? How many frames will they advance?
    3.) What's the frame numbers of roaming Lati@s?
    4.) If I want to RNG Entei/Raikou after E4, do I have to KO them every time before I'll beat the E4?
    5.) For the roaming Lati@s, if you meet them before fighting the E4 again, will they be treated like Raikou/Entei pre-E4? Or post-E4?
    Hello, I've made a Mismagius avatar if you'd like to have it.
    (I made it a long time ago, for when I was using the name Mistermagius on a different site.)
    Yes!!! :)
    My second successful RNG abuse in HG...
    Timid Raikou with 26/15/30/31/27/31 IVs and Hidden Power Ice 70!!!

    Thank you Emloop...
    BTW how about Snorlax? Just wondering...
    Is he also Method K and Monster Frame 1?
    And are there wandering NPCs in that area?
    Actually, in HGSS, from now on, I'll be using a max frame of 1, so that I don't have to worry about advancing frames and such, only on hitting a particular delay.

    BTW, I consistently get odd number delays. How to change it to even?
    I have questions too...
    Is there a guide how to RNG Raikou/Entei before fighting the E4?
    I just finished calibrating using the sudowuddo, and also succeeded RNGing a shiny sudowiddo for the first time.
    But my next project will be how to RNG Raikou/Entei pre-E4.

    I think geoududette just said there will be no way of verifying your seed after the E4...
    Does it apply to ALL legends? Not just Raikou/Entei? (assuming I didn't RNG pre-E4)
    If you happen to get some time, check out my last post in the FR/LG RNG thread found HERE. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on it. :)
    I'm in-process of building an options menu right now with the option to turn beeps off, it should be out fairly soon. Any idea where I might download the Emloop Beep?
    Have you gotten that Bold Arceus yet? I still haven't gotten an Adamant one, and I can't seem to get an Adamant Jirachi on the same game, either.
    You had mentioned getting a better beep for PikaTimer (those default beeps do get quite annoying). Did you have anything specific in mind? I'm re-writing it to incorporate many of the suggestions you gave, and I was wondering if you had a good idea already so we wouldn't both have to search.

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