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  • Wait what!? So you don't have to use your own pokemon then? LOL sorry for being a big time ignorant dude.. Dunno whats a Shoddy Battle really is!
    Nope I haven't.. I don't even know if I have played against someone who use flawless pokes.. Have you?
    Oh wow.. So you've got a flawless pokemon on your team! Hopefully youd get flawless with the rest of your team! Man, it must be hard to defeat a flawless opponent!
    Of course man.. Goodluck with your team. Btw how many have you finished?
    Oh right.. I don't even know how much it cost. But I'm hoping that the price is a tad cheaper since its a new release. Well hopefully you can get it soon enough dude. Well don't forget our battle once we have the game on hand!? I can't wait to try the team I've created.
    Of course man! I'm freaking ecstatic! It'll be 3 days from now! Though I kind of hate the fact that I have work in the morning till 2:00pm.. So I won't be starting my Jhoto journey till around noon.. Or maybe I'll wait for my day off before I play since I wanted to start my Journey on an early morning! 4:00 am to be exact! That means I might wait till next week! But of course I will buy the game once it hit the store, don't want them to be sold out after work! Lol.. How about you?
    Pretty busy then huh!? Well hopefully your hard work will be rewarded soon!
    Oh well at least you got a good breed.. Are you still doing it though? As for me I've finish my team and ready to transfer them on Sunday!
    I know, but practice makes perfect.
    Also, is the ditto you traded me North American?
    Or should I use international PID?
    Sorry, couldn't get on much yesterday. It's Monday and I had to get back to school and was busy with all the work.
    I can trade with you today if you can get on.
    I have 999 items, I don't need any.
    And I'm done cloning, also. Can't give you all 20 today, have to go soon, but if I find you online tomorrow I can give you more.
    Sounds good?
    Okay, and keep the pokemon I give you as a token of gratitude.
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