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  • I'm available pretty much every day after 3:30 PST. I can be available any time from then until about...2 AM PST if necessary. Any time in there work for you?
    Hey, when are you available to play for Tournament of Thieves? I live in PST and cant get to a computer most of the day if necessary.
    hey , we have to play for the spirit league tournament on French time , tell me what time suits you .

    see ya .
    I'd prefer not to play on French Time because it's easy to get scouted there. Do you have another server you'd prefer?
    I just played one of my wcop matches today, but I'm free all day tomorrow. How does that sound?
    Hi, we are paired for the World Cup.
    I'm available from 4:00 to 15:00 approximately every day (UTC-5)
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