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  • Oh yeah, can we trade tomorrow? Wifi is still not working for me
    And you never wrote to me about it, I told you about it and never got a response till now
    Btw, cool giveaway! Thats one crazy spread there. Lots of people do multiple rngs just to get something like that(0 iv parents), and as a random catch!
    Don't worry, you'd be surprised by how amny poeple on smogon have my breloom and were told he is redis. No hard feelings.
    Greetings friend. If you are still interested in our trade and you catch me online, please notify me through Visitor Message so that we can finally finish the transaction. Have a nice day, Mmeyer! :3
    Hey, sorry I've been moving up to college the last couple days. I will PM you as soon as I get my Wi-Fi set up here. Thanks for your patience.
    coraphish is level two with ivs 31/31/31/15/31/31/31
    tangrowth is level 30 not ev trained ... 31/31/30/31/31/31
    What time would be best for you? I have very little going on these days.
    my dumbass restarted my game because i was too anxious and i gave away my last hoppip but i can get it back and clone it, im just looking for someone i gave it to to be on the same time as me
    Your Dialga is hacked as well. I suggest you remove any pokemon you suspect may be hacked and contact the people you traded them to to let them know if you don't want to be blacklisted.
    That Arcanine in your thread is hacked. Pretty badly as well. Also I am assuming you altered your ID/SID, as they are both 1337. Please remove ANY hacked Pokemon from your thread.
    Hey, whose Dialga is that in your trade thread? I may be interested in it.
    I was wondering if you were still interested for the trade (My Calm Quick Ball Pachirisu for a Quiet HP Fighting Spiritomb).
    If you want this togepi, it will probably be in my thread when the giveaway is over. So if you want one, you just have to wait awhile.
    Hi! Congrats on winning the giveaway! :)
    You won a semi-redis copy of William!
    You can contact Rocket Boss Giovanni to claim your prize. To make things easier for him, please specify if you want the UT Abra, EVed Alakazam Set 1, EVed Alakazam Set 2 OR EVed Alakazam Set 3.:D
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