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  • hi i was wondering if you could give a nickname to that lotad bp you did for me awhile back. It would be awesome if you could :)
    could you post on my thread saying I have semi redis rights on your pokemon that would be great :)
    Hey, Monsoon, are you pokes semi-redis of non-redis. You gave contradicting statements here and at LanceLeague (it's Oak, by the way).
    Hi :)

    I was just looking at your thread, and unfortunately that Oddish is not redistributable :/
    hey, do you want the darkrai CP I did for you? I've had it caught and ready for almost 3 days now. VM me back when you can pick it up :)
    Darkrai is caught, in a dusk ball just like you wanted :D

    let me know via VM/PM when you can pick it up!
    Hey. Sorry for the hold up. That battle lasted longer than I expected -_-'. I'm on wifi now with your pokemon ready for pick up. Thanks for the zapdos =]
    will do! I'll probably have it done by tomorrow, if not later today :)
    any particular preference for ball choice? b/c I can do any of them (save for dive atm, that'll change soon)
    I can get you timid 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 if you want :)

    and 2 credits is fine; I'm not looking for anything big, only just in case I find some parents I might need in your thread :)

    I assume you want the legit wondercard? b/c that's coming from my plat cart, Lyn, ID 46537

    Just a question though--do you care about the catch date? b/c if you want it "normal" (IE plat release - now) I can do that too :)
    Heya, sorry to bug you, but I was looking through your thread and saw that you wanted flawless/near flawless legendaries. I still have a whole bunch uncaptured on my diamond/plat carts; if you wanted me to do one as a CP for you I can :) (Sooo bored xD)

    here are the mons I still have left uncaptured:

    darkrai x3 (1 is a legit wondercard, other two hacked)
    shaymin x2 (1 legit, 1 hacked)
    giratina (plat)
    giratina (diamond)
    mesprit x2
    cressailia x2
    regigias (lol) x2 (plat/diamond)
    uxie x1 (diamond)

    tell me if you're interested (I RNG abuse, so I can probably get whatever spread you want ;])
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