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  • hey its not your fault we have completely different timezones hehe :) and dw about that somehow my small tourney was postponed so its all good ^^ and yeah I love offensive suicune its so great in this metagame... outspeeding breloom, denting many pokes on the switch... yeah its pretty awesome :D
    btw sorry about the cliche bidoof as fodder thing -_- I literally don't have anything except my team and low level pokes on this game o.o

    I took note of the credit I owe you on my thread btw :) thanks alot man! and let me know when you wanna exchange the credit :)
    it sure does lol hehe

    a credit is fine btw, even 2 cause you were patient with me :P
    use my diamond fc please :) btw you never told me which poke you want from me :P
    at least we know that there is a timezone we can meet :D (even though its like 6am for me lol)

    is da wifi workin'? :P
    o.o thats perfect! just the spread I wanted :D what would you like for da monz? :D
    an ev trained version would be really nice... I would even do a 2 for 1 trade for it atm since I need it for a nintendo tourney thats in like 3 days hehe
    dang thats a fine suicune o.o do you happen to have an ev trained version of it?
    I've been gone the past few days for my wife's birthday, but I plan to be on tonight. If you see me online, send me a VM/PM so we can trade. =)
    It makes me happy to play music, but it makes me annoyed when I can't play what I want to play, haha. Oh well.
    Nice! I've just been playing alto sax in school bands for like 8 or 9 years now...Believe me, I love music. I'm just not that good at it and I've always had other stuff taking up my free time.
    Sounds pretty interesting. I really just don't know anything about movements in arts and music unfortunately. I play some music, but I'm not near good enough to actually do anything with it.
    Aaand lost me completely. I'm glad I don't have to worry about thesis papers yet...
    Sure, no problem. Anything you want in particular? I've been running out of ideas for BPs. :(
    Yeah, Wifi seems to be kinda on and off lately. I wonder how 5th gen Wifi is going to work. I mean, they have to keep 4th gen Wifi going, since so many people use it.
    I'm online too, but I can't see you. I just checked I had your FC put in right before I went online. Are you sure you have mine?
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