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  • yeah you have to download it, but it's not going to give you a virus. ;) it just means we can chat and hit each other up for battles and whatnot.
    Hello MrAce5. The N.A. is having an intramural OU tournament under the works. Interested in competing? There is a sign up in the group thread if you are.
    I didn't, i think the wireless might mess up on one of our sides, but the game was fairly equal so I don't think either of us would want to d/c at the time.
    Sure, scouting is a tactic designed to keep up offensive pressure, which allows you to dictate the tempo of the match and be proactive. Moltres is a perfect example of an offensive poke, but is walled badly by milotic. This would normally result in momentum switch to the opponent. Because of Moltres' ability to scare the shit out of many pokemon, it can U-turn as milotic or (insert bulky water) switches in. This not only does damage, but allows your Raikou to come in for free and force them out yet again. Free CM anyone? Hope i helped.
    Milotics moveset was Surf,Icebeam,HpGrass Recover It the Life Orb tank set on the analysis but i forgot the lifeorb.
    Yeah sorry about the critical hit but i dont think raikou wouldve exactly raped my team considering umbreon is a good check unless you had signal beam and Extremespeed on arcanine but idk...
    good game. i forgot you were hacking moves on or i wouldn't have left Qwilfish in to eat an Extrasensory. one quick critique, i would have switched to Raikou right away against Pory instead of leaving Tres in locked into a super weak attack. you would have outsped Pory, probably gotten the KO, then my Scarf Pinsir comes in and kills it, then you burn the shit out of the bug for the win. of course, if you didn't remember the bug from out last battle, you wouldn't have known that, but regardless i think that would still have been the better play.
    gg man. but fuck me if that wasn't the most unlucky match i've ever played. 4 criticals, 2 of them game changing, and two game changing Stone Edge misses. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't at least a little bit peeved. T_T
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