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  • About your Colloseum question, I think it would be possible, but figuring out how would be (near) impossible.
    In the description of the RSEdecoder tutorial there are slotcodes (Slot 2) for all the 3th gen games. Once you have used Command Prompt, you will see the slotcodes of all 6 slots but I recommend you to just use the Slotcode for slot 2 as Syberia says so, and Syberia is the fucking man.
    That's fantasic, thanks a bunch for the help!
    Just out of interest, what do you use to time? If I use PikaTimer I get massive slowdown, and inconsistent times to the title screen. Is there a better way?
    I was wondering if you had any tips for RNGing in HG via emulator? It's not something I've done before, but I'm definitely interested in trying, especially with the dodgy frame advancements in the game.
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