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    1v1 Magneton [QC 0/3] (Written)

    Alakazam Implemented for the most part, but what do you mean here? I already have some explanation, and its here: Do I need to go into more detail?
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    Project Break My Team 2.0

    Reserving Nasty plot naganadel
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    Good job everyone, see you in LT! + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | Rank | Pokemon | Use | Usage % | Win % | + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | 1 | Gardevoir | 5 | 16.67% | 80.00% | | 1 | Zeraora |...
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    Project Community Create-A-Team

    Vote - Entei, AllFourtyOne
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    Agreeing with power here

    Agreeing with power here
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    1v1 Magneton [QC 0/3] (Written)

    Just a few things: I specified Modest Greninja for the To clarify, just get rid of this, or edit it? Confused a bit. Also, I said Gyarados (instead of mega) due to the base form being the same speed as mega. Everything else I'm working on.
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    Tournament 1v1 Spring Seasonal - Round 8

    Someone asked me to give predicts I'm on mobile so this is going to be quite quick. if you want explanations, ask me later. Round 8 (Loser's Bracket) Cheese5555 vs ryyjyywyy AllFourtyOne vs Freddy Kyogre Round 8 (Winner's Bracket) Yami vs Chickenpie2 SUSTENANCE_1 vs LaBalladeDesCieux...
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    1v1 Magneton [QC 0/3] (Written)

    I'm done. Please now tell me how bad this is
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    1v1 Magneton [QC 0/3] (Written)

    [OVERVIEW] Magneton has a niche in the metagame over its evolved counterpart Magnezone due to its ability to outspeed adamant variants of Mega Gyarados at maximum speed. Mega Gyarados is one of the best pokemon in the tier and utilizes adamant over jolly in high levels of play, which Magneton...
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    Resource OM Analyses Reservation Index

    First timer. May I do magneton for 1v1?
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    Metagame 2v2 Doubles

    Hello. I just wanted to write down my thoughts on what the course of action should be on the plethora of different subjects that we should work on. Suspect Testing: When it comes to suspect testing, I believe that there are 3 courses we can take in this matter: Do what we have been doing...
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    Metagame 1v1 Old Gens

    I think its here To not make this a one-liner. I'd like to say that Gens 1 and 2 might need a little more development