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  • Well it's almost 10:00 am here, and I'll be here all day in case you are able to log on.
    Otherwise maybe I could convert it to .pkm and send it to you? (I've never done that before, but our timezones are stupid so might be a good idea! :P)
    Hey I'm free today and tomorrow all day, so hopefully I will catch you online sometime soon :)
    It was giving me an error because I changed it to WEP I guess, for some reason it wouldn't let me connect on anything, even my phone. I turned it off for now, and now it connects fine. :) I will be here all day today, so I'll look for you to get online :)
    I can't seem to get it fixed. :(
    I'll have to work on it tomorrow, but I'll be around all day so I will see you then!
    Actually give me a few :( For some reason I can't connect to wi-fi at all. All my internet settings got deleted somehow, so sorry. :(
    Aww I know :( It doesn't help that I'm working constantly, otherwise I'd just stay up super late or something! Hmm I am off Sunday, what does your schedule look like then?
    I would love the SPR2012 Reshiram! (I didn't even know that there was an event for it, haha) I'll be able to trade tomorrow evening if that's alright with you :)
    5718 1:35.30 A 16 A A 31 31
    19026 5:17.10 31 A A 5 31 A

    Those two breeding spreads inherit only from one parent so... RNG a Ditto capture with 31s for those IVs.

    The second spread will take longer to RNG a parent for though. But it can be used as one of the parents for the hex-flawless spread.

    Also this may help.
    Oh Emerald... well the problem with capturing a flawless Pokémon in Emerald is that the frames are extremely high. Like the earliest is over 100 million frames. :s
    Which game? The on-site guides should do but if you want other ones I would need to know what game you plan on RNGing in.
    Thanks for the trade! I hope that you enjoy Keldeo! Oh, by the way, what are the redistribution rights on Venonat?
    Central Standard time is GMT -5, resulting in a 13 hour difference between us, so 11:00 am in Central Time would be midnight in your time, if I'm doing my math correctly. As such, it looks like this calculation error disrupted our trade for today. I'm very sorry about that, however I will be available all day this Saturday, so just let me know what time on Saturday works for you!
    Hey, I never heard back from you as to whether or not 11:00 am central time is a good time for you to trade. Let me know if that works. Thanks!
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